About Us


HaSandag is an open-space studio for creative video production based in Jerusalem, Israel. We produce and develop both original content & brand-specific projects. 

Who Are We?


We are a team, working together on projects that we enjoy with great passion and drive. Tailor-made videos are the core of what we do. From conception to production to the final product, our studio handles the entire video-making process in-house. Our visual palette is wide, and we keep learning and expanding our toolbox with each new project. Currently, our studio produces animation, live action, promos, documentaries, special effects and more.

The hallmark of our work is telling a unique story, and we always seek the most exciting and engaging ways of telling it. For our original content, we explore real struggles in an unexpected, colorful and humorous way. For our clients, we find and emphasize the connection between the essence of the brand and its customers.


HaSandag is also an open space for all kinds of creative works, collaborations, and cultural events. For more information about our future events and plans, feel free to check out our FB page.


Omer Schwartz


Well I love Pizza.
And when people pass electricity amongst themselves and others... Anyone for some charging?

Let's play a game and change personalities every now and then

Oh and despite the nonsense I wrote-
I am professional in what I do (:


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